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Sooner or later, the Los Angeles Rams will need to decide on Jared Goff’s next contract.

After looking at all of the extensions handed out to key players last offseason by the Los Angeles Rams, Jared Goff knew that it was only a matter of time before the team most likely rewarded him for his stellar play.

Despite some of the concerns early on in his career, Goff seems to get better with experience each season, and after the Rams came up short in Super Bowl 53, all eyes will be on the former No. 1 pick to see if he can help the team make another run.

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Of course, whether Goff’s contract situation will end up being a distraction is a different story since Sean McVay already hinted in March that Los Angeles was leaning towards holding off for now, which arguably seems fair.

Even if Goff’s fifth-year option for 2020 gets picked up as expected, the Rams realize they will need to strongly consider an extension at some point over the next year or so. And if the team decides to wait it out a bit while other top quarterbacks across the league up for new deals, this could give Goff a little leverage in the negotiation process down the road.

Until Goff’s next deal becomes official, this is going to be a topic that Los Angeles may not be able to escape, and it will be interesting to see what some of the other quarterbacks looking for new deals end up earning as well since they could play a factor for the Rams as well.

One of the most recent success stories in the NFL resides in Los Angeles, where Jared Goff was introduced to Sean McVay, and a QB that was once thought to be a bust turned into an NFC Championship winning quarterback for the Rams.

Now, that story arc is getting proposed for second-year QB Josh Rosen, and this time it’s Washington Redskins’ coach Jay Gruden that holds the secret key to unlocking loads of talent not yet realized inside of a young QB.

After getting drafted by the Arizona Cardinals with the 10th overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, Rosen underwent a grueling rookie season that saw him thrown into the fire behind a makeshift offensive line and an offensive coordinator who was given the ax midway through the season.

As a result, Rosen — who was once thought to be the best QB in a 2018 draft class that was ripe with QB talent — finished the year with 11 TD, 14 INT and a 66.7 QBR. Not great.

However, as speculation has emerged that the Cardinals might pair Heisman-winning QB Kyler Murray with new head coach Kliff Kingsbury, many are wondering what this would mean for Rosen.

A Redskins-Cardinals trade for Rosen has been floated, and the motivations behind it check out. Washington has had a tumultuous past with QB’s and they are seemingly looking for a young signal-caller to groom behind Case Keenum, who they acquired via trade earlier this year. Likewise, should the Cardinals go the Murray route, then they would have a young QB with loads of upside sitting on their roster getting reps with the second-team. Should Arizona choose to treat Rosen as a trade chip, and the Redskins meet their asking price, everybody wins.

If Rosen were to make the move to D.C. and spend time learning from both Gruden and Keenum, there is a very real possibility that he blooms into a gun-slinger to the likes of Goff. It’s possible that Gruden has the coaching abilities to bring the best out of Rosen, now it’s just a matter of whether or not he will get the chance.

Sean McVay continues to be a hot topic among NFL discussions. Since joining the Rams in 2017, the Rams have a record of 24-8 and reached his first Super Bowl in 2018.

McVay has worked wonders for Jared Goff and the Rams as a whole. Goff had the potential to be great and someone like McVay is able to unlock his potential.

Each and every season, the Rams improve on the offensive side of the ball in different areas. In 2018, Los Angeles ranked second in scoring offense and second in total yards of offense.

Teams across the NFL are yearning to find their own version of McVay, whether it be one of his assistant coaches or a young offensive mind. McVay’s imprint on the NFL moving forward has already been made.

Nonetheless, Gurley seems to be doing a lot better now and is set to make a healthy return in 2019. Even with missing two games in 2018, Gurley finished with 1,831 yards from scrimmage and 21 total touchdowns (career-high).

Another unfortunate injury that occurred during the regular season was the one to Cooper Kupp. Kupp was a vital part of the Rams’ high-octane offense.

Every quarterback in the NFL has their “security blanket” and if anyone would be considered Goff’s security blanket it would be Kupp. The young wideout does most of his damage out of the slot position and was excelling alongside Brandin Cooks and Robert Woods.

Before he tore his ACL in Week 10, Kupp was on pace for a 1,000-yard season. In eight starts in 2018, Kupp had 40 receptions, 566 yards, and six touchdowns.

The Rams could’ve had three 1,000-yard receivers on their team. That would’ve been only the sixth time that a team had a trio of wideouts surpass 1,000 yards each.

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